Who is casey aldridge dating now

by  |  09-Oct-2017 07:25

"They all jumped on the bandwagon." She also flat-out denied any rumors that 28-year-old Kelli Dawson is pregnant with Aldridge's child, saying that Dawson has a reputation for not telling the truth.

“Britney is really strong with her own ideas,” Criss said, pointing out the now obvious.

“And what I had planned wasn’t an easy thing to do and would have required a lot of rehearsals.

With her life looking more and more like an “ABC Afterschool Special,” Jamie Lynn Spears is now facing teenage pregnancy without boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

In Touch Weekly reports that Jamie Lynn’s alleged baby daddy wants nothing to do with her until she gets a paternity test.

“They’re way too young,” another family friend shared.

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