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Although Elaine is Myolie’s good friend, Bosco has not asked about her about Myolie.

Nor was Elaine interested in finding out about Bosco’s current dating status.

Edison Chen starred in many popular films including Infernal Affairs, Infernal Affairs II, and Initial D.

But because he already signed a contract with an advertising company, one nipple worth 6-digit, two nipples worth 7-digit, within the contract period these photos exposing his nipples cannot be revealed, so those photos were taken out from the album.

Because of him, his wife and mentor pass away respectively, yet he shows no remorse at all.

Now Michael Tse is back once again to reprise his star-making role in the second cinematic outing, which pits Laughing against his toughest nemesis yet.

Since then, Ron has frequently been a contender for TVB’s Best Actor and Favourite TV character award.

Who is bosco wong dating

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