Ie7 without validating

by  |  16-Nov-2017 06:51

Be sure not to update to IE 7 though in the virtual machine!I would read the Microsoft (and others) data first before considering installing other software on your computer that enables installation of other versions of explorer,, I did go into this quite a lot and remember coming to the conclusion that the "only safe way" is to use the "free" virtual computer that ms offer,, hope this also helps.Or how can I get IE6 to run on a PC with IE7 installed?

They are OK in IE7, Mozilla, Opera etc but don't work at all in IE6.

There are hacks on Stu Nichols excellent site css Play to solve this but how can I test my menus on IE6 without installing it?

Do remember: household-name companies expect people to visit afford that luxury?

Even if you can, do you want to risk being on the wrong side of a lawsuit if your site proves inaccessible to - for instance - a disabled person who cannot use a 'conventional' browser? Whilst validation doesn't guarantee accessibility (there is no substitute for common sense), it should be an important component of exercising "due diligence".

Very often, different software on different platforms will not handle errors in a similar fashion, making it extremely difficult to apply style or layout consistently.

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