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Here, all electrons in the bunch experience an identical accelerating field strength such that no energy spread is gained during the acceleration process. The work presented here is the first investigation that systematically explores the beam loading effect in the bubble regime and its consequences to the final beam quality over a large and well-controlled parameter range.

We inject several hundred p C of charge into the bubble cavity while retaining a narrow energy spread.

The same scaling was also found by Gordienko and Pukhov this theory was expanded for the 3D nonlinear case and an optimum trapezoidal bunch shape was investigated in order to efficiently convert the energy available in the wake into kinetic energy of electrons.

In this ideal case, the accelerating field of the wakefield E. (1) represents the optimal loaded case where there is a balance between the amount of loaded charge and the accelerating field. (1) the optimal loaded charge depends on the laser peak power P as , no experimental studies exist for the case of a quasi-monoenergetic bunch in a heavily loaded wakefield.

For this purpose a tailored scheme of the self-truncated ionization injection (STII) process is used (see Methods).

This scheme relies on ionization injection, where the helium gas based acceleration medium is doped with a small fraction of nitrogen gas whose K-shell electrons will be ionized and subsequently trapped only near the intensity peak of the laser pulse.

Nine temporary encampments are to be created on a rolling basis at vacant pockets of land which are awaiting redevelopment.

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